[b]Name[/b]: Zurth Jy'phon

[b]Race[/b]: Human (Mandalorian)

[b]Birthplace[/b]: Onboard his father's ship, the [i]Edgemark[/i].

[b]Gender[/b]: Male

[b]Age[/b]: Twenty

[b]Affiliation[/b]: Mandalore, Jy'phon Clan

[b]Rank[/b]: Scout

[b]Alignment[/b]: Neutral

[b]Statistics[/b]: (d20)

STR - 14

DEX - 16

CON - 14

INT - 12

WIS - 10

CHA - 10

[b]Strengths[/b]: Like near all Mandalorian's, Zurth has been trained since a very young age in many forms of long and close range combat, starting to excell in many of these areas. His rigid, disciplined and extensive military upbringing has been drilled heavily into his psyche, making him an unshakable foe against his opponents. His devotion to the current Mandalore, and his own clan, is absolute and he would gladly die fighting in any cause they deemed worthy. A rising tracker within the ranks, Zurth is quickly establishing himself with his keen senses of direction and the ability to spot even the most subtle of trails.

[b]Weaknesses[/b]: As a somewhat fresh-faced soldier-at-arms, Zurth has not seen full sized combat, only small skirmishes and hunting wild prey. As such, he is inexperienced in full scale tactical combat and war, making him a liability thus far if placed in any position of such. Being a young warrior, Zurth is not as wise as the older veteran's, tending to take chances and risks, believing too much in his own abilities then he should. His absolute devotion to Mandalore, the Jy'phon clan, and the Mandalorian culture is as much a weakness as a strength, as the manipulative could do many things with such blind obedience.

[b]Physical Description[/b]: A young, and powerfully built warrior, Zurth is fierce sight inside or outside of his Mandalorian armor. Standing at a height of six foot one, weighing in over two hundred and twenty pounds of muscle, and a wicked scar on his face, Zurth inspires respect by sight alone. His shore hair, with just a small layer of black stubble, is militaristic in style,and has not been grown out longer then three inches since he was seven. Cool grey eyes, a hard expression, and a jagged looking scar across the right side of his face, courtesy of a vicious zakkeg, all come together to give Zurth the look of a seasoned warrior, despite his age and inexperience. When not in his armor Zurth dresses in casual attire; simple tunics of varying colour and design, though at least one weapon of some kind is always on his person.

His Neo-Crusader battle armor is dull blue and metallic silver, complete with the traditional T-shaped visor helemet. The armor is always being modified and upgraded to suit his situation, though standard modifications normally include; an energy resistance overlay, designed to help protect from blaster and lightsaber damage, and stealth appropriate upgrades, allowing greater mobility and tracking. A bandoleer is wrapped across his right shoulder and chest, strapping into his belt at the left side and across his back as well with two straps, one that connects in the middle, and the other off across the left shoulder and down to the middle on the front. A pair of vibrodaggers are strapped to both lower legs, while a Mandalorian class distruptor rifle is slung over his right hip within easy reach. A single, highly upgraded and worn looking vibrosword is strapped across his back, it's holster connected to his bandoleer.

[b]Psychological Description[/b]: Militaristic training, an absolute belief in Mandalore and his youth make Zurth the very pinnacle of Mandalorian standards in terms of thinking and combat execution at such an early age. Sturdy, tough, prideful and with a thirst to not only prove himself, but serve Mandalore in any way he can, leads Zurth to be somewhat overactive or over imaginative warrior in the combat field. A cold outwards attitude, Zurth nonetheless respects all Mandalorian's as he has been taught, and respects all those of non-Mandalorian upbringing or commitment, knowing that to disrespect a potential foe is a dangerous way of thinking. A deep respect for his late father strives Zurth on to become as well mastered and celebrated a warrior as his former father. An appreciative, if somewhat more subtle admiration of his eldest brother, Sev, is outdone only by Zurth's more curious respect of his half-brother Jekk. Though always competing against his older and wiser brother, Zurth hopes to one day equal Sev's skill in combat, and hopes to meet the half-brother he has only ever heard about.

[b]Background[/b]: The third child of the deceased Mandalorian General, Zahka Jy'phon, Zurth is last of the Jy'phon clan if either of his brothers should die before he, as his father's uncles had been slain in combat during the wars, and he has only cousins and nephew's remaining, none of whom can claim the title of leader for the Jy'phon clan. Raised in a sturdy manner typical of most Mandalorian parents, Zurth was firing a blaster before he could learn to form full sentences or recite the Mandalorian Code. His father took special interest in the boy after his second son had been born a few years earlier, a child who had been born due to the lustful rape of a captured Jedi woman. Seeking to redeem some of the honor he had lost, Zahka intend to raise his third and last son to be the best of the best, a mini version of himself.

Zurth's birth had not been well known to the clan for sometime, as Zahka had been rumored to have been slain during a Jedi attack on his downed ship, the same attack which lead to the capture and Jedi-inspired training of his illegitimate second son; Jekk. In truth, Zahka had been gravely injured, loosing his left eye in the attack, and it took three weeks for the General to pull his life from the brink of death then find a way off the planet he had been stranded on. When he returned several weeks later, Zahka made a vow to regain the honor he had misplaced, and thus, four years later, when his third son Zurth had been born, he found his way.

Due to his father's near fanaticism with regaining his lost honor, Zurth was subjugated at an early age in the ways of Mandalore, the Mandalorian Code, and the ways and means of their culture. While early integration is quite normal for Mandalorian children, Zurth was trained harder then most, even his own eldest brother Sev. Zurth was quite pleased with the arrangement though, taking an unprecedented interest in his training and learning the ways of his culture. However the end of the Mandalorian War was approaching, and Zahka died in the assault of Malachor V, leaving Zurth to be raised by his mother and his eldest brother, as his two remaining uncles had also been slain in the attack. And so, Zurth had much to live up too.

It was from Sev that Zurth learned of his great father's only act of shame, leaving them both with a half-brother of a Jedi somewhere out there in the galaxy. Upon learning this, Zurth insisted to learn as much as he could about his half-brother, infinitely curious. Sev, however, had never forgiven his father for the act and despised their half-brother, who had taken to calling himself a different name, not remembering his given Mandalorian name. Through the stories Sev told, Zurth began to develop a curious respect for the half-brother he had never known, citing to the few who asked that if Jekk had defeated Sev in single combat on so many occasions without the use of his Jedi training, then he must be a powerful warrior indeed.

From this respect, Zurth doubled his efforts to live up to his late father's image, striving to be the best that he could, and should, be. While Sev had bested Jekk only twice during the many encounters they had, Zurth pushed himself to better himself so that he may have the chance to face his half-brother in mortal combat and beat him on his first attempt. However, with the close of the Mandalorian War's, the Mandalorian's had been banished, scattered throughout the galaxy, their weapons and supplies burned before their eyes. Zurth was only a young teen at the time, and Sev kept the clan moving and together as best he could. For several years during the Jedi Civil War, the Jy'phon clan hired themselves out as mercenaries and enforces, until their were approached and recruited by the new Mandalore.

Moving their operations to Dxun, Zurth redoubled his training efforts with a solid place to train and learn, though his mother soon died after settling down, a vicious zakkeg tearing her to pieces while she was scouting new territory for the settlement. Angered, Zurth rushed out to track down the beast, armed with nothing but a vibrosword that he stole from his brother's equipment locker. Zurth tracked and studied the beast for many days, surviving off butchered cannok's and vegetation he scavenged from the planet, not wanting to loose his prey. After four days of following the beast, Zurth slew the creature while it bathed in a large stream. Zurth did not come out unscathed however, and the right side of his face would carry a vicious scar the rest of his life. After slaying the zakkeg, a small group of Mandalorian's decloaked themselves and complimented Zurth; they had been following his progress to make sure he did not die. After hearing of his little brother's victory, Sev awarded him his vibrosword, and Zurth has carried the blade with him ever since, upgrading it over the years.

As the Mandalorian clans flocked to Dxun, Zurth started taking on training from other veteran's of the war, learning the skill of tracking and hunting from some of the best, while he continued his rigid training everyday in the hopes of bettering himself. Sev would eventually leave Dxun under the orders of Mandalore, and Zurth would not see his older brother again, even after the close of the Jedi Civil War. Under the tutelage of a Master Scout of the Ordo Clan, Zurth began quickly grasping and understanding the basics, progressing onto more intense training quickly. With this new knowledge, Zurth turned his attention to becoming a respectable scout, often volunteering himself for the glory of Mandalore to scout out what would certainly be the most dangerous new paths to seek out.

Now, several years after settling and earning a small honor for himself on the planet of Dxun, Zurth hopes to serve Mandalore, the and Clan's in a more predominate setting, despite his youth and inexperience in large-scale war combat situations.

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