Discussion items RPC RSC
Back panel - Front panel positioning Rotated with 45°to each other Rotated with 45°to each other
Compression folding Higher variation in repeatability.
Can be reduced through folding seam.
Cushion Volume More cushion volume (depth) on the steering wheel rim but less radial coverage.
Care must be taken with high column angles.
Volume distributed into the width.
Better steering wheel rim coverage
Fabric utilization + 0
OOP same same
Seam Chain (looper) to be at back panel Chain (looper) to be at back panel
Seam Stress + 0
Seam stress becomes more critical on small sized cushions.
Shape Side view 3-D’ with manual sewing process. 2-D’ with manual or automatic sewing process.
Shape Frontal view Octagonal Round
Steering column angle 0 Better for high column angles
Weight same same

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